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Ayurveda the Mother of all Medical wisdom of world is a judicious combination of all system. It is the oldest medical system of the world more than Chinese, Tibetan even Egyptian medical system. WHO & United Nation accorded prime focus to Ayurveda in India. Govt of India has set a separate Ayush Ministry to provide ayurvedic treatment as a whole to the suffering Indian community.

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Say No to Knee Replacement

Say No to Knee Replacement, Spine Surgery – Take Basti Therapy

Rs 1000/- Day

All Types of Psoriasis

Remarkable Improvement in All Types of Psoriasis by Vamana Karma at Ayurlife

Rs 7000/- Total 15 Days

Insomnia? Anxity Neurosis?

Get Relief by Nasyakarma & Shirodhara at Ayurlife

Rs 500/- Day & Rs 700/- Day

First Time in Eastern India

Jalauka Avacharan or Leech Therapy for skin diseases at Ayurlife

Rs 1000/- Dose

Get Pain Free Life

To Get Pain Free Life “N Avara Kizhi” & “Pizhichil” at Ayurlife

Rs 700/- Dose

Get relief from Diabetes

Madhutailik Basti & Classical Treatment for High Blood Sugar

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Early Detected Cancer

Research Based Treatment & Medicine for Early Detected Cancer at Ayurlife

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Piles? Fissure? Fistula?

Painless Classical Khara Sutra Therapy without Anaesthesia at Ayurlife

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“Avyangam” For Neuromuscular Disorder, Paraplegia, Hemiplegia, at Ayurlife

Rs 10,001/- Dose

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    Chief Clinical Director

    Dr. Pallabi Mukherjee
    B.A.M.S (Cal) M.D (Ayu), PhD (Ayu)
    HOD: “Panchakarma”
    J. B. Roy State Ayurvedic Medical Collage and Hospital
    Member Board of Study W.B.U.H.S

    Founder Chairman

    Dr Sandipan Santra
    B.A.M.S (Cal), Dip Q.A.Q.C. (Pune)

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