Best Ayurvedic Doctor & The Best Ayurvedic Treatment Can Relates Mind with Health

Do you feel that your physical health is very much close & keen to your mental health? Don’t you experience that when your mind got discomfort your body has got the same? But you can not speculate your mind by conventional science. You cannot explain the physical, chemical, or anatomical nature of your mind by so-called conventional science.

Best Ayurvedic Doctor & The Best Ayurvedic Treatment Can Relates Mind with Health

Because the mind is beyond modern scientific concepts:

A normal person should not be free of all psychotic, neurotic, psychosomatic, and behavioral disturbances, but must also be subjectively comfortable, happy and free of disabling conflicts. He should be able to face the normal stresses and strains of everyday life in a realistic way, without getting distressed or disabled.

3000 yrs ago acharya charaka define ayu as the span of life as Sarirendriya state sanjog dhari jibitam

Here satta means mind & ayu or span of life means proper coordination of physics, sense organ, mind & soul.

Samadosa samagnischa samadhatumalakriya prasannatmendriya manah swasthaityavidhiyate

  • Doşa = Physiological units
  • Agni = Enzymatic factors
  • Dhātu = Anatomical structures
  • Ātma- Indriya-Mana = Psycho-behavioural factors

Best ayurvedic doctor & best ayurvedic treatment only consider a human as a healthy person when along with the equilibrium condition of dosa, Agni, dhatu, and mala the status of the soul, sense organ & mind is in pleasant condition.

Tesa kayamanovedad adhisthanamapi dwidha

Thus the site of disease is kaya which is the body and mano which is the mind.

Sariramapi sattamanubidhiyate sattang cha sariram.

Sarir and mana are two components being inseparable and have continuous interaction with each other. According to Upanishad Mind is Cochran….awareness or consciousness which relates to universal consciousness. Your own consciousness is a part of world consciousness.

Consciousness is a canvas where your thoughts and your curiosity are projected. So your body is a holographic projection of your mind. The maximum of diseases u suffer from is manodaihik psychosomatic disease which requires manodaihik chikitsa psychosomatic treatment.

No physical symptom can be regarded as adequately studied or treated unless a simultaneous study of the psychological aspect of the case is also conducted. Not only for psychiatric and psychosomatic illness but also for physical illness.

 An evaluation of the psychological side of the personality of an individual is necessary. This can be systematically and easily accomplished by the best Ayurvedic doctor & best Ayurvedic treatment provided they are well-trained in the clinical methods of psychological medicine.

It is now a day’s well recognized that it is a ‘man’ and not the diseased ‘organ’ that is in need of treatment. The ‘man’ is made up of the body and the ‘mind’, the two components being inseparable and having continuous interaction with each other.

Different states of mind or various mental statuses like pleasure, happiness, joy, delight, elation, rapture, displeaser, discontent, grief, sadness, sorrow, dejection mirth, amusement, hilarity, excitement, calm, apathy, weariness, eagerness, hope, assurance, courage, terror, horror, fear, fright, amazement, wonder, desire, appetite, sullenness, rage fury are a different platform for mental disease there is no specific parameter for all this. Indeed all depends on the individual. the best Ayurvedic doctor will assess the patient only after proper counseling. Here “prasna pariksa” means question answering, “atur parichay” history taking is very much impotent. Only after assessing these variants best ayurvedic treatment can be given.

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