Different Types of Ayurvedic Medicine By Dr. Sandipan Santra

a) According to method of preparation

  1. Aristha and Asava: Asavas and Aristhas are made by soaking the herbs either in powder form or in the form of decoction (kasaya) in a solution of sugar or jugglery Ex Avayarista, Lauhasava etc.
  2. Rasa Rasayan : Ayurvedic medicines containing mineral drugs as main ingredients are called Rasa rasayan or Ras-yoga. They are in pill form or in powder form. Ex Swarnavasma, Roupyavasma, Makaradhwaj, Basantakusumakar ras etc.
  3. Lauha Kalpa: Lauha kalpas are preparation of Loha Bhasma as main ingredient with other drugs. The other active ingredients are made to fine powder and mixed with Ex Dhatrilauha, Loha Bhasma.
  4. Vati or Gutika :Medicines prepared in the form of tablets or pills are kown as vati or gutika, these are made of one or more drugs of plant, animal or mineral origin. Ex Arogyavardhani vati, Chitrakadi gutika.
  5. Churna : Churna is a fine powder form of drugs. Ex ; Trifalachurna, Talishadi churna.
  6. Avaleha : Avaleha or lehya is a semi-solid preparation of drugs. Ex : Chwanprash abaleha, Kantikari abaleha.
  7. Ghrita : Ghrita are preparations in which ghee is boiled with prescribed Kasayas (Decoction) and kalkas of drugs according to formulation .Ex Trifaladi ghrita, Panchatiktak ghrita.
  8. Parpati First Kajjali is prepared with purified Mercury and sulphur. Then other drugs as per Ayurvedic Formulae are added and mixed well in grinder. The powder is then heated in iron vessel and melted. This melted material is purified as per Ayurvedic method, cooled and again flakes of medicines are powdered. Ex Panchamrita Parpati.
  9. Taila Tailas are prepared by boiling prescribed kasyas (decoction ) and kalkas of drugs in oils Ex: Mahamash Taila, Mahanarayan Taila.
  10. Goggulu Ayurvedic medicines prepared by the exudates, and obtained from the plant commiphora mukul, are known as Goggulu. Ex Simhanadaguggul, Kaisore guggul.

ayurvedic medicine

b) According to Ingredients

1) Kastha ousadhi(Herbal Medicine)

a) Single Herbs or Ekak Dravya Ex: Amloki, Aswagandha

b) Multiple Herbs or Jougik Dravya Ex Trifalachurna

2) Rasa ousadhi (Herbo mineral/Herbo metal Medicine)

a) Single Ingredients or Ekak Dravya Ex:Godanti vasma, Swarna vasma

b) Multiple Ingredients or Jougik Dravya Ex Trivubankirti Ras.

c) According to Potentiality.(Discending order of potentiality)

1) Swaras; Extraction of Herbs.

2) Kalka: Dust form.

3) Kwath: Decoction.

4) Him: Dipping in cold water

5) Fanta: Dipping in hot water.

d) According to Application

a) Based on benefit

1)Kamya rasayan: Enhances normal health

2)Naimittik rasayan: Based on diseased condition.

b) Based on method of use

1) Vatatapik rasayan: Outdoor regimen

2) kutipraveshik rasayan: Indoor regimen.

3) Achara rasayan: Good conduct.

c) Based on materials use

1)Ausadha rasayan : Drug based.

2) Ajasrika rasayan : Diet based.

e) According to Reference

1) Classical Ayurvedic Medicine: Medicine prepared according to the formula of Classical Ayurvedic Text,

2) Proprietory Medicine: Medicine prepared according to the formula of other reference.


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