PANCHAKARMA TREATMENT: The Blessing of Ayurveda

PanchaKarma Therapy is a special therapeutic procedure popularly practiced in Ayurveda for bio purification of the body with rejuvenative effect. It is the composite nomenclature of Five kinds of treatments designed for trans-membrane visceral and cellular purification, as well as transdermal purification of the body. Panchakarma is essentially the therapeutic technology of Samshodhana.

Classical Panchakarma Therapy

1. Purva Karma:

  • Langhana/to Fast, Deepana/Enhancing, Pachana/Digestion
  • Snehana/Oliation, Abhyanga/Oliation with mild pressure
  • Swedana/Sudation

2. Pradhāna Karma:

1) Vamana=Medical Emesis

2) Virecana= Medical Purgation

3) Anuvāsana= Medicated Oleus Enema 

4) Āsthāpana= Medicated Decoction Enema

5) Nasya=Medical Erhines

3. Paścāta Karma: Post therapy dietetics 

Traditional Keraliya PanchaKarma

1.Dhārā Krama= Sequential streamline medicated liquid pouring over the head.

2.Pinḍa Sweda= Medicated bolus Fomentation and Massage.

3.Anna Lepa= Application of Medicated pastes.

4.Śirolepa= Application of Medicated pastes over the head.

5.Kāya Seka= Oil bath therapy. 

PANCHAKARMA TREATMENT: The Blessing of Ayurveda

Major Chronic Diseases Potentially Treatable With Panchakarma Therapy

  • Allergy 
  • Asthma , COPD Respiratory Distress
  • Arthritis & allied conditions
  • Skin Disease
  • Hair Problem
  • Paralysis
  • Cancer
  • Neurological Disorder
  • Disease of Spine 
  • Obesity and lipid disorders 
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Infertility Disorder, Sexual Disease 
  • Chronic Headaches, Migraine
  • Stress and Residual Psychosis
  • For Healthy Aging 
  • Ano Rectal Disease

Sanśodhana / Bio purification effect envisaged through Panchakarma is a unique therapeutic concept in Ayurveda. It purifies the milieu-interior through bio membrane system allowing spontaneous restoration of normalcy, followed by self-recovery from disease, improved bioavailability of medications administered and their easy elimination reducing chances of cumulative side effects. Besides bio purificatory effects, various procedures also produce rehabilitative and Physiotherapeutic impact. Procedures are safe and have evidence of efficacy.


It is important to note that a panchakarma procedure is designed specifically for an individual after a thorough physical examination and pulse diagnosis. Hence, there is no universal package for everybody. These treatments can take a minimum of 7 days and may last as long as 21 days. On average, a month-long Panchakarma treatment costs between INR 20,000 to 25,000. The treatment can be conducted over multiple sessions, and then each one day therapy costs between INR 700 to 1000. Ayurlife is the path finder of low cost ayurvedic therapy in Howrah, presenting budget friendly treatment package to you.

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