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Chief Clinical Director

 Prof. Dr. Pallabi Mukherjee
B.A.M.S. (Cal), MD (Ayu), PhD (Ayu)
Associated Professor & Head of the Department, Panchakarma.
Institute of Post Graduate Ayurvedic Education &
Research at Kolkata.
Government of West Bengal.

Founder Chairman

Dr. Sandipan Santra
B.A.M.S (Cal), Dip Q.A.Q.C. (Pune)


AyurLife offers an online doctor consultancy service for individuals seeking Ayurvedic healthcare from the comfort of their homes. With the online consultation feature, AyurLife aims to make Ayurvedic expertise easily accessible to anyone, regardless of their geographical location.

The online doctor consultancy in Howrah service provided by AyurLife allows individuals to connect with qualified and experienced Ayurvedic doctors through virtual platforms. This eliminates the need for in-person visits and provides convenience and flexibility for individuals who may have limitations in accessing traditional healthcare services.

To avail of the online ayurvedic doctor consultation service, visitors to the AyurLife website can navigate to the designated page. There, they can find information about the process and steps involved in scheduling an online consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor.

AyurLife’s online ayurvedic doctor consultation service offers a convenient and accessible way for individuals to seek Ayurvedic healthcare, particularly for those who are unable to visit a physical clinic or prefer the convenience of remote consultations. It combines the traditional wisdom of Ayurveda with modern technology to provide personalized care and support for individuals in their journey towards well-being.


  1. Easy to Get
    Accessible, affordable, convenient in all speciality branch
  2. Security & privacy
    Provides ultimate privacy to patient. So you can talk to your doctor online about any health problem that is not openly spoken about. Your medical information will be in top -notch security.
  3. Convenience
    With every 4th Indian today owing a smart phone. So online consultation is easy now than ever. It eliminates the need to physical presence, covering distance, logistical hazards. It stop you to self-diagnose by looking symptoms online.
  4. Affordability
    Minimum consultancy fees @ 300/-
    Get all branded medicine @ 10% discount
  5. Consult with top speciality doctor
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